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Oil refinery plant in the evening


Refining crude oil before selling it offers economic benefits by adding value, creating jobs, and diversifying the economy. It reduces dependency on volatile crude oil prices and generates tax revenues, contributing to economic stability and growth.

Welcome to AWSAT's Crude Oil Refinery - Refining Excellence!

Cutting-Edge Technologies for Superior Refining:

At AWSAT, we've carefully selected cutting-edge process technologies from the US and Europe to bring unparalleled expertise to the world of crude oil refining. Our unique capabilities in configuration planning and optimization are geared towards maximizing your refinery's bottom-line profits. Explore the industries latest technologies like FCC, Hydrocracking, Coking, Solvent Deasphalting, steam cracking, and more.


High-Value Products for a Sustainable Future:

Our primary goal is to transform the bottom of the barrel into high-value products. AWSAT specializes in the production of premium high-octane gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel, and petrochemical integration for ethylene and propylene. Dive into a world of innovation as we utilize the latest technologies to ensure your refinery stands at the forefront of industry advancements.

Petrochemical Integration: Maximizing Refinery Profits:

AWSAT understands the economic benefits of petrochemical integration in refining. By maximizing the production of ethylene and propylene through processes like FCC, Hydrocracking, and more, we ensure your refinery not only meets the demands for transport fuels but also taps into the lucrative market of petrochemical chemicals. This integration adds substantial economic value to your refinery operations.

Modular Refining for Swift Project Delivery:

In our commitment to efficiency, AWSAT champions the use of Modular Refining for swift project delivery. We understand that cost, quality, and delivery are paramount considerations when launching a new unit. With our pre-engineered approach, modular refining solutions can be brought online faster and more efficiently than traditional methods, all while maintaining superior quality standards.

Expertise and Execution for On-Time, On-Budget Projects:

Benefit from AWSAT's expertise and project execution experience to ensure your project stays on time and on budget. Our prefabricated approach ensures high quality at low capital costs.


Navigating New Horizons:

Ultra Low Sulfur Fuels in Marine Industry: AWSAT is at the forefront of the industry, aligning with and contributing to new policies for ultra-low sulfur fuels in the marine sector. As global initiatives drive towards cleaner and more sustainable practices, we ensure that our refining solutions align with the latest regulations and policies, providing you with environmentally friendly and compliant fuel options.

Commitment to Carbon Zero Policies:

AWSAT is dedicated to the principles of carbon neutrality. Our refining processes adhere to and support carbon zero policies, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future. Partner with us to drive positive environmental impact while maximizing the profitability of your refinery.


Join AWSAT on the journey to refining excellence, where innovation meets efficiency for a sustainable and profitable future in the world of crude oil refining.

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