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AWSAT, uniting regional and international investors, envisions a sustainable future, leading with a transformative petrochemical complex to unlock industry potential.

Unveiling Our Vision:

At AWSAT, we proudly declare our vision as "Building Bridges to a Sustainable Future." Born from a strategic alliance between GCC and Chinese investors, AWSAT is a dynamic project company with an unwavering commitment to progress. Our core strength lies in our dedicated and proficient technical and project management team, capable of executing large-scale investment projects, especially tailored to meet government initiatives. As we stand at the threshold of a groundbreaking project, a US$ 2 billion crude oil refinery in Iraq, we're not merely aiming to produce high-quality transport fuels; we're charting a course towards a transformative petrochemical complex. We firmly understand that the polymer industry is the linchpin of the future, and we're determined to unlock its potential.

The AWSAT Difference:


At AWSAT, we differentiate ourselves through a profound dedication to excellence and an unrelenting pursuit of innovation. Our ambition knows no bounds, as we set our sights on projects that resonate with the grandest scales. The construction of a world-class crude oil refinery is but a precursor to our ultimate objective. We're laying the foundation for a paradigm-shifting petrochemical complex, with a paramount focus on the polymer industry. This endeavor is not just a lofty dream; it is a meticulously crafted blueprint, designed to foster progress, create opportunities, and drive economic growth on a monumental scale.


Forging the Future Together:

As we venture into the future, AWSAT beckons you to be a part of a transformative journey. Together, we are building bridges that lead to a more sustainable and prosperous tomorrow. With our unwavering commitment to progress, a team of seasoned experts, and an ambitious vision, we pledge to be your partner in realizing a sustainable future. At AWSAT, we don't merely envision change; we are actively engineering it. Join us, and together we will pave the way to a future where innovation and sustainability go hand in hand, where boundaries are transcended, and where progress knows no bounds.

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