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Mission & Vision

Mission: Empowering growth and global investment catalyst.

Vision: To dominate Middle East's petrochemical industry with innovation and excellence.


Empowering Nations, Bridging Opportunities:

Our Mission "At the Crossroads of Global Expertise and Local Empowerment"

AWSAT's mission is to catalyze foreign direct investment (FDI) within the region, thereby driving economic growth and development in the area. We envision ourselves as the conduit connecting nations, dedicated to ushering the world's finest opportunities into the region, all the while positioning it as a compelling destination for global investments.

Financial Report
Blue Plastic Granules


Pioneering Progress: Illuminating the Future of Middle East's Petrochemical Excellence

"Transforming the Landscape of Middle East's Petrochemical Domination"

Our vision is an unwavering commitment to ascending the ranks and positioning ourselves among the foremost triumvirate of petrochemical giants in the Middle East. Our aspiration is to redefine the industry landscape, orchestrating an ingenious amalgamation of state-of-the-art technology sourced from the United States and Europe, harmoniously interwoven with the precision of Chinese Fit-For-Purpose Execution. This dynamic fusion is set to give birth to an unparalleled center of innovation and production, poised not only to gratify our valued stakeholders but also to elevate the entire petrochemical domain of the region to unprecedented heights.

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