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Corporate Strategy

AWSAT leads with belief in polymer's future, merging global tech to drive innovation in petroleum and petrochemical solutions.

At AWSAT, we are committed to shaping the future through our unwavering belief that polymer technology is the cornerstone of progress. In recent years, the burgeoning middle-class economies worldwide have witnessed an unprecedented surge in the use of polymer products in everyday life. This transformation has triggered a substantial increase in the demand for petrochemical products. Recognizing the immense potential and the need for sustainable solutions, AWSAT is poised to lead the way in developing projects in petroleum refining and petrochemical products, underpinning our corporate strategy.


​Our approach at AWSAT is driven by a fusion of the best in global innovation. We seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technologies from the United States and Europe with the precision and efficacy of Chinese execution. This harmonious blend not only ensures that our projects are at the forefront of innovation but also guarantees that they are tailored to meet the specific needs of the market. By merging these strengths, we deliver fit-for-purpose solutions that not only meet today's demands but also set the stage for a more sustainable and prosperous future.​


With our strategic focus on petroleum refining and petrochemical products, AWSAT is poised to make a lasting impact on the industry. We are dedicated to not only addressing the current market needs but also anticipating and fulfilling the future demands, ensuring that our global footprint reflects our commitment to progress and sustainability. Together, we aim to shape a world where innovation, technology, and responsibility converge to create a better future for all.

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