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Real Estate - City Development

AWSAT is a forward-thinking company dedicated to enhancing urban vitality through property development and hotel operations, utilizing a strategic "Two Wheels and Two Wings" framework for comprehensive city growth.

AWSAT's City Development Overview:

AWSAT is engaged in property development and hotel operations, forming a vital component of its diversified business portfolio. Driven by its corporate mission, "Unleashing the Future Vitality of Cities," AWSAT is committed to becoming a prominent city operator in the Middle East. This vision is supported by the "Two Wheels and Two Wings" strategy, focusing on property development, holding, services, and finance, and the "Dual-driver, Dual-upgrade" city operation model. AWSAT aims to holistically enhance regional functions and urban vitality by leveraging premium resources and introducing innovative urban planning concepts. The company has successfully expanded its presence across multiple cities and established a portfolio of high-end branded products.



AWSAT's strategic approach centers on the "Two Wheels and Two Wings" strategy, optimizing business portfolios and operational efficiency. The "Two Wheels" refer to property development and holding, while the "Two Wings" encompass service and finance. The company is committed to strengthening the foundations of property development and holding while advancing financial innovation through service innovation. This entails enriching the scope of city operations, enhancing technological capabilities, and cultivating core technological advantages.



Drawing from its extensive experience in property development and operation, AWSAT aligns with the concept that urban development attracts people and fosters industries. The company continuously innovates its "Dual-driver, Dual-upgrade" city operation model, facilitating the enhancement of city functions and industries driven by urban planning and capital. AWSAT actively contributes to the establishment of new urban core areas, furthering the government's urban development objectives.


Upgrading of City Functions:

AWSAT has harnessed world-class resources, building a strong reputation and product advantage in five-star hotels, boutique commerce, office buildings, and high-end residential properties. The company excels in the development and high-end operation of cities, fully leveraging synergistic effects in the areas of technology, health, and culture. AWSAT's focus on industry-city integration, industrial cooperation, and incubation initiatives has consistently propelled the industrial upgrading of cities.


Industrial Upgrading:

Through its strategic approach, AWSAT maximizes the synergies between domestic and international industrial resources. The company has established three robust industrial systems—big technology, big health, and big culture. AWSAT actively promotes the deepening of industry-city integration, enhancing the industrial capabilities of cities through collaborative efforts, and facilitating the incubation of innovative industrial initiatives.

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